Fishing Los Suenos Costa Rica

 Los Suenos Resort & Marina  is internationally known as the Fishing Capital of Costa Rica. There are more trophy fish caught here year round than any other destination in Central America. Whether you choose to fish Off shore for trophy Billfish [Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Sailfish] or Near shore for Giant Rooster Fish, Snapper and Grouper, you’ll find your best chances of Hooking Up by fishing with Costa Rica Fishing Experts  out of Los Sueños Resort and Marina.

We take our fishing as seriously as you do and know what you expect and deserve when you charter a  Los Suenos Boats for a great day on the water.

The best boats in the Los Suenos Charter Fleet. Great bilingual crew. The finest Penn International,Fin-Nor & Shimano tackle.The boats are fast and comfortable,getting you to the fish in first class style and comfort.Our mission is to make your trip themost enjoyable and memorable ever. You will enjoy the fishing trip of a lifetime!

My dilemma is that I am a Bottom Fishing Jaco  junkie at heart and I have missed dropping a bait on the bottom and that incredible feeling of waiting for that bump , right before a Big Ol’ Grouper or Red Snapper Jaco Beach Fishing SLAMS the hook and the brawl begins as you duke it out knuckles to reel, and thighs to the gunnel, with a hard fighting, head shaking, back stretching beast from the Bottom. That’s my favorite type of fishing!

In the waters surrounding the Jaco Beach Area Snook and Corvina Se Bass are common year round catch as well.

Inshore Fishing Costa Rica : There are some of the biggest Jaco Cubera Snapper Fishing(dog-toothed) and beautifull, hard hitting Rooster Fishing Los Suenos to be had all the year round.

Whether you choose to fishing tours like, Snapper and Grouper Fishing Jaco, you’ll find your best chances of   fishing  with us.

Hard figth  Jack Fishing Jaco and Pompano are found both on and offshore.

We offer   Jaco Bottom Fishing Packages we have put together for our customers.

Costa Rica doesn’t have fishing seasons and limits like the US, but that doesn’t mean we can kill everything we hook. We release all billfish unless they come in dead (1 per year), that includes releasing both sailfish and Marlin.We are allowed to keep other gamefish though, and finding either a Dorado Fishing Jaco, Yellow Fin Tuna Jaco Fishing, Amberjack Fishing Costa Rica or Snapper for dinner is almost always a possibility.

Please let us know when you will be here and if you want the whole boat or to Share Fishing Costa Rica the boat with another group. Please gives us as much advance time as possible and the more lenient you are the more likely we can find you a fishing partner. We can almost always get the trip together, and we even work out other arrangements for you if we can’t find someone to split the trip.

The Los Sueños Marina near Jaco Beach is one of the hot spots for Costa Rica sport fishing on the Central Pacific coast. Provides opportunity for catching Roosterfish, Snapper, Mackerel Fishing Los Suenos and Snook.

The opportunities are without limit. Charter a ship, like the  Sailfish 36′ Feet Offshore Fishing Costa Rica to explore the best spots of fishing Costa Rica.

Within the deep waters of Costa Rica there are countless fish. The most common of these are Blue Marlins, Sailfish Fishing Los Suenos, Dorados and Black Marlins. These creatures are noted for their strength and tenacity, making them difficult to catch.

Along the coast of pacific central will find many fish. The most common of these are Snooks, Red Snappers Fishing Los Suenos, Jack Crevalles and Spanish Mackerels. These creatures prove challenging due to their speeds and tendencies to hide among sea-grass, debris and more.

The Jaco Fishing Wahoo is a loner and when traveling with other wahoo it’s usually only a school of five or six. The fish can be found anywhere in the ocean but does seem to concentrate during the summer off of Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. The first showing begins about the time the rains start in May, peaking in July and August. Most are caught around the rocky points and islands, but you will pick one up occasionally fishing offshore. It is considered one of salt water’s finest delicacies. Experts speculate that the wahoo is the fastest fish in the ocean and it’s no wonder that the first scorching run can burn out the drag on some reels.

Los Suenos Costa Rica Fishing is considered to the be the center of the action, from December to March, with February being the key month with the highest concentration of sailfish and the possibility of 20 or 30 hookups a day. Year round availability of Sailfish makes it a world leader for anglers.

Mahi Mahi Fishing Esterillos  is one of the most exciting fish to catch on light tackle. This extremely colorful fish is an extremely fast swimmer. It’s been estimated that they can reach speeds of 50 mph in short bursts.

Yellow Fin Tuna Jaco Fishing are usually around the size of a football but can reach up to 300 pounds and begin one of an anglers most spectacular fights. A tuna must constantly swim and is one giant muscle. Yellow fin are common from January until June and July but look for the larger fish off of Central Pacific during spring and early summer.

 Los Suenos & Resort Marina Costa Rica  is one of the best placesof  sport fishing, among the variety of fish are:  Marlin Fishing Montezuma,Los Suenos Sailfish Fishing, tuna, Mahi Mahi Costa Rica Fishing, wahoo, red snapper, rooster fish and more. Sport fishing is available for full or half day tours, both Inshore Fishing Parrita and off shore. We have one of the best equipment, and one of the best Jaco Sport Fishing Enjoy a private tour or join a group and share.

Dorado Fishing Jaco They are more abundant from late May through November when the seasonal rains flood the rivers, carrying out debris that forms trash lines close inshore that like to lie under. Schools of dorado can become a nuisance for anglers looking for the larger billfish lurking below the school. The dorado is a delicious food fish.

The Cubera Snapper Fishing Parrita  is the largest of the snappers, often going beyond 100 pounds. The dog snapper is the largest of the Pacific snappers with the world record of 78 pounds held by a resort in Costa Rica. Each species will be a tough fighter, particularly on light tackle and although all snapper are delicious eating the flesh of the larger fish can become course.

Rooster Fishing  Jaco Costa Rica The dorsal fin with its fanlike array gives the fish its name. It’s an inshore species, often found in the surf, over sandy bottoms and always in moderate depths. The all-tackle world record is 114 pounds caught off of Baja, Mexico but many international anglers speculate that the conditions are right for the next record to come from Costa Rica. An aggressive predator, the roosterfish is always exciting when hooked.

Dorado are caught year round in Jaco Fishing Costa Rica. We use similar techniques to the billfish spreads, and can usually come away from a trip in the dry season (late November to April) with both Sailfish and Dorado. Doardo fishing is really the best though during the end of the Costa Rican Winter (October to December). 

COSTA RICA: (506)2643 2441 / (506)8819 1920

Bottom Fishing Costa Rica

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